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Alcalde Cues
Since our beginnings, manufacturing billiard cues more than 35 years have passed, the Alcalde shafts were characterized by their quality and the sense of security they provide in all kind of executions, our clients and also the great champions of all specialties have always known which are the best cues, even those players that are no longer with us have praised our products considering these the best that worldwide can be found.

We have developed another new shaft, radial made with maple wood aged naturally and chosen personally by Mr Miguel Alcalde from centennial trees.

This can be seen simply by watching the number of growth lines, approximately 22-25 per inch, this maple quality is difficult to get and is very expensive, the shaft is composed by 4 pieces chosen and placed in directional form with respect to the axis, therefore are radial, impossible to get curved.

They are glued with a special elastic glue that leaves the wood with its natural elasticity, when you play with these shafts you will feel the power and sensitivity you always wanted to have.