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Alcalde Cues
Noble Materials
It is the materials used that are the essence of the style and perfection so characteristic of Alcalde cues. Without the nobility of these elements, the final result would not be the same.
Each material has a specific function in the cue's performance, whereby it is not selected for aesthetics alone. Fortunately, though, nature has afforded these materials with such great beauty that they easily win over even the most discerning of observers.
Gabon ebony, ebony from India and Macassar ebony::
Ébano Three varieties of indisputable quality and equally appealing. One totally black, another with tawny streaks and the third with copper and grey hues.

Thuya root:
Raíz de Thuya With its warm colour and light and shadow features amidst endless designs it is inimitable where lavish beauty is required in a reduced space.

"Bird's eye" maple:
Ojo de pájaro The presence of these "eyes", to which its popular name refers, amongst the waves and curls that are characteristic of this variety of Canadian maple adds a unique charm to the renowned virtues of this wood.

Arce Liso Its appearance is simpler than that of the aforementioned wood. But it deserves special attention because it is used to manufacture an essential part of the cue: the shaft. The confidence the cue transmits for each shot largely depends on it.

Mammoth ivory:
Marfil de Mamut Ancient as its origins indicates, this material which is used to produce the special ferrules has characteristic features that to this day are inimitable.

Alcalde cue shafts are made of well-seasoned Canadian maple, carefully selected and finished by hand. The final profile is obtained through hand sanding.
La unión roscada de alta precisión es también de valor inestimable en el conjunto de operaciones que se efectúan en la elaboración de un taco de billar.
Alcalde cues for Carambole (Small Games, Three Cushions) and for Pin Game, have wooden threads, the only material which when elaborated wisely is capable of joining the shaft to the butt lending the cue the consistency of a single piece.

Above are the basic materials used to produce Alcalde cues.

To this we should add a range of materials that are used in collector cues: gold, sapphires, emeralds, rubies, diamonds, turquoise, natural mother-of-pearl. These bestow beauty, splendour, magnificence and each is incorporated into the cue without losing sight of the essential objective: the cue must first and foremost be a formidable instrument for playing game.