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Alcalde Cues

The artistic touch is evident in the simplicity, stability and style of these unique pieces.

Gold, sapphires, emeralds, natural mother-of-pearl, turquoise have been selected to enrich and adorn the basic components: ebony, thuya root, "bird's eye" Canadian maple.

The gold is hand engraved by specialists renowned for their style.

The only limit to the imagination: above all else, each cue should be an ideal instrument for playing billiards and all the elements that comprise these unique Collection pieces are integrated on this premise.

• Octogonal butt. Exceptional piece of particular characteristics.
This ebony and the thuya root are absolutely unique, usually unavailable even for collectors. • Ivory inlays in the middle part, in the upper part as a ring below the joint and at the bottom in everyone of the eight sides of the butt.
• Two Alcalde A37Golden shafts with ivory ferrule.
• Traditional wooden joint.
PRICE: 5.000€ Payment Method: Wire transfer
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