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Alcalde Cues

I am very pleased of presenting our Palmarés as cue maker. To simplify, only there are championships of the world and records of the world.

In these 40 years with billiards, our Palmarés is very big: hundreds of national , regional titles in many countries of the world; championships by teams, by couples, in 1st , 2nd , 3rd and 4th category, americans and europeans.

Everything is our treasure. We did not put it here , we have not even counted it because it is impossible to summarize so many disciplines and so many categories. But it is sure we have it in our heart and in our memory. They all are important and they all are equal for us.

Believe me, one never gets used to receiving news of successes or from people who are happy with their cue. Our family has enjoyed all messages, news , congratulations, phone calls from all players who are happy with their cue.

Down below we have put the testimonies of some players, friends who have honored us by his commentary; all commentaries has been reproduced faithfully.

Miguel Angel Alcalde
July 2006

Campeón Mundial Alcalde Billar
1992 - 5 Quillas
1996 - Carambola Artística
1998 - 3 Bandas
1999 - 3 Bandas
2000 - Cuadro 71/2
2003 - Cuadro 47/2
2005 - 3 Bandas Junior
2006 - 1 Banda
World Record Alcalde Billar
1997 - Carambola Artística 374 pts.
1998 - 3 Bandas 6.66
2003 - Cuadro 47/2 126.66
2006 - Una Banda 25.86
"His cues are authentic works of art, wonderfully designed and with exceptional characteristics that allow the player that uses them to achieve maximum performance in the sport."
Carlos Crespo Alcalá
Carlos Crespo Alcalá

Miguel Angel Alcalde is an absolute professional and is a true perfectionist in his work. His cues are authentic works of art, wonderfully designed and with exceptional characteristics that allow the player that uses them to achieve maximum performance in the sport.

He does not conform to creating a great cue for all players, instead he aims at all times to offer clients the very best, he talks to them, shares knowledge, concerns, listens to their desires and... finally, he manufactures the perfect cue for each client with the best guarantees.

His great capacity to communicate is astonishing, he is a person that does not hesitate for one second in sharing with other his experience and knowledge of billiards, tables, cues and moves.

To conclude I would just like to say that I do not hesitate in confirming that the best billiard cues are made by Miguel Angel Alcalde.

Carlos Crespo Alcalá


• 1998 Campeón de España Sub 17
• 1999 Medalla de bronce campeonato de España Sub 17
• 1999 Medalla de plata campeonato de España Sub 21
• 2001 Medalla de plata campeonato del mundo Sub 21
• 2002 Medalla de bronce campeonato del mundo Sub 21
• 2002 Medalla de bronce campeonato de España Sub 21
• 2002 Nº1 ranking Balear
• 2002 Campeón de Baleares
• 2003 Campeón de España Sub 21, batiendo récord nacional con 1,300 de promedio general.
• 8 veces internacional representando a España
" I won the tournament and I succeed with a new World Record general average from 25,86!?? ? ?I found my cue for live and I hope many more will do."
Jean-Paul de Bruijn
Jean-Paul de Bruijn

I played the last years with a famous Italian cue. But at the end I suffered more and more with, specially the retro shots. My billiard friend Eddy Leppens told me to play an Alcalde cue. He said to me it was for sure that I would improve my game. In the beginning I thought something like: Yeh, yeh, for sure, it?s the man who make?s the game easier and not the cue.

I will never forget that Eddy gave me his Alcalde cue for trying a difficult retro shot. It was a very difficult one and I succeed. I couldn?t believe myself. I was playing a difficult shot so easily, that I felt in love immediately! So, it was true an Alcalde cue can make the man better!

We agreed for buying his cue and a few veeks later I was defending mine European title one-cushion. I won the tournament and I succeed with a new World record general average from 25,86! Believe me; I played some unforgettable retro shots and ?pique-rentree?s? as well.

After this succees I was kindly surprised that Mr. Miguel Angel Alcalde offered me a new cue to play with. I choosed model number 55.

The day I received my new Alcalde cue, I had directly the right feeling. I think that is a very important quality. In my first practice hour in 3-cushion I maked two runs from 12 and one from 14. And again the retro shots were fantastic!

In my opinion, especially the quality of the shafts are very good, not only very stiff, but also produced with great sensibility. And thereby all the cues are very beautiful.

I found my cue for live and I hope many more will do.

Kind regards
Jean-Paul de Bruijn


Three Cushion

• 1 X Dutch Champion with DELTA/Ockenburgh in 2005; (team Forthomme, de Bruijn, Spoormans, Habraken)
• 1 X 2 place World Championship 3-cushion in Lugo 2005
• 1 X 2 place World Championship 3-cushion for National teams (with Dick Jaspers) in Viersen 2005
• 1 X 3 place UMB WorldCup 3-cushion in Istanbul 2005
• 1 X 3 place Eurocup for teams with Servicepack Hoeven in Porto 2003
• 2 X 2 place National Championships 3-cushion in Veghel 2000 and 2001
• 1 X 3 place National Championships 3-cushion in Veghel 2005
• Shortest match: 50 in 17 innings
• Highest run: 18 (in training 23)
• Place Worldranking 3-cushion: 6 (1-6-2006)

Classic games
• 5 X European Champion One-cushion (2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006)
• 5 X 3 place European Championships one-cushion (1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 2004)
• Worldrecordholder Average One-cushion: 25,86 (7 mei 2006 in Kortrijk)
• 6 X Dutch Champion One-cushion
• 2 X Dutch Champion Cadre 47/2
• 1 X Dutch Champion triathlon
• 1 X 2 place World Championships for National teams triathlon (Hennef-Duitsland)
• 11 X Dutch Champion Topteams (Cadre 47/2, Cadre 71/2 and One-cushion)
• with club Frans Bevers Catering en Cubri Pallets Etikon

• Sportman from the Provence Zeeland in 2001, 2003 en 2005
• A-sporter for the National Olympic Team NOC-NSF
"[...]thank him for all the help he has given me, his advice and constant efforts to achieve a better future for our game. "
Miguel Gelabert
Miguel Gelabert

Miguel Ángel Alcalde is a person that has never ceased to amaze me since the first time I met him.

Initially, I was pleasantly surprised by his great love of billiards, his fondness for billiard players and for all the elements that make this sporting discipline unique. I was also surprised by his readiness to help others at all times, his in-depth knowledge of the game, of players and of the materials used and, in particular, by his keenness to share this knowledge with anyone interested in hearing it. I was extremely surprised when he told me that he made cues and I was even more surprised when I tried them. From this moment I decided to always play with Alcalde cues.

Alcalde cues are produced following extensive research into the smallest details and each cue is an authentic work of art which, with a fascinating design, allows the billiard player to perform to his best.

He also tailors his cues to the preferences and tastes of clients without comprising any of their qualities. In truth, never before had I seen or tried a cue like those made by Miguel Ángel Alcalde.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for all the help he has given me, his advice and constant efforts to achieve a better future for our game. Many thanks Miguel Ángel.

Muchas gracias Miguel Angel.



• 2000 Campeón de Baleares de Billar a Tres Bandas.
• 2000/01 Nº 1 del ránking de Baleares.
• 2001 4º Clasificado en el Campeonato de España Sub 25 de Billar a Tres Bandas.
• Campeón en 10 Opens de Billar a Tres Bandas de las Islas Baleares
"…”these cues are matchless pieces and objects of desire”… ”As much it is so I have made a good collection of its models”…"
Manel Pampols
Manel Pampols

Although I am a modest billiards player according to my performance, my interest and enjoyment are not at all modest …!

Nevertheless, my knowledge is good enough in order to appreciate a good cue. In my opinion and after having many cues, those that produces Miguel Angel Alcalde are the best ones: the technical aspect , aesthetic and artistic one, these cues are matchless pieces and objects of desire.

Once I had tried an Alcalde cue, I did not want to play with other one. As much it is so I have made a good collection of its models.

Now, I enjoy a good friendship with Miguel Angel and his wife. Knowing them, it is impossible not to be a friend of them.

By all of kind details you have had with me, by all your advises, and in the name of the billiards world I just have to say: be and follow like you have been doing it and thanks for every thing you do. Your works will not be unnoticed in the billiards history

Después de un tiempo probando su producto, no puedo más que decir que realmente hacen ustedes un trabajo digno de mención. Estoy encantado con el taco que les encargue hará un año y puedo decir que francamente nos hemos cogido cariño. Y con él (después de muchos años apartado) he recordado lo placentero que puede llegar a ser este bello deporte cuando se dispone de la herramienta apropiada. Les quería consultar si entre sus servicios incluyen la adaptación y el mantenimiento. Me explico. Quería reducir el diámetro de unas de sus flechas que adquirí para 3 bandas y si es posible adaptar una flecha que tengo desde hace años (una flecha de pool OB classic pro) para que se adapte a su maza con unión de doble rosca y no desmerezca su producto. Me gustaría hacer de este taco (su taco) mi única herramienta para disfrutar del billar. Un saludo y quedo a la espera de sus noticias.
Atentamente: Marcos Guzmán Moro Casas.
Bonjour, Je suis possesseur d'une queue M55 jeux de séries depuis le mois de juin. Je suis pleinement satisfait, cette queue a énormémént de qualité. Je souhaiterais savoir quelles sont les caractéristiques des procédés (quand j'aurai besoin d'en changer, car je les trouve excellents).
Je souhaiterais connaître, pour mon info personnelle, les différences qu'il y a entre les flèches A37 golden, et celles que vous fabriquiez avant?
Je vous remercie pour ces infos.
PS: Tellement je suis content de mon matériel, que je le fais essayer à tous mes amis joueurs!!
Cordialement. Jean-Paul SIX Président du club de LAXOU
I want to say words to you About your cues:
I'am playing now 1 month with the Alcalde m46, the shafts are the best in the world, and I have tested all the cues Longoni, Hanbat, Schuller, eSBee, Layani but the shaft are so solid. Really perfect.
I play the final of the Europecup 3chusion in Porto in a month and certainly with my alcalde!
I can't want on the next model, many players in the club are excited About my cue, good advertising for Alcalde!
Met vriendelijke groet.
Patrick Vasseur
Acabo de recibir el taco de billar, es muy bonito (espectacular), ahora tengo que ir a probarlo, gracias por todo.
P.D.: Siento mucho haber sido un poco pesado, pero estaba ansioso de recibirlo, Muchas gracias de nuevo.
Saludos cordiales, kiko morales
Sorry that I waste your time.
many people ask me for a Alcalde cue en then I ask for the stock, en they want not to buy a cue.
yesterday I recieved a Alcalde m46 brand new, it was for Erwin Hens Belgium. But he don't like the cue. I play 2 hours with the cue it was amazing.
so I want a cue more with 2 shafts, but I ask you withs cues are in stock so I have not to wait to long.
Greetings, patrick
but 73 cm and shaft 70 cm please, 11,8 mm, 520 grams please
Tonight I make de payment transaction.
about 15 days you say to make it, thank you for your time and perfection greetings
Mr. Alcalde,
I received it today and tried it ! Very nice !!!
Thank you very much !
Nice week-end
Mathieu Boulaz
Arrivate, consegnate, provate, tutti molto contenti anche perchè domani torneo. Alla prossima,
Cordiali saluti.
Hola, he recibido el taco me encanta muchas gracias tenía mucha ilusión de tener un taco de Miguel no sera el único un saludo.